Wednesday, March 5, 2008

being run over bye the sled my michael johnson p.s i was not hurt badly

ok my dad and i wanted to run both teams okay we took off i took off first then my dad i ws almost aound turn when my tem seen my dads team stoped they WHIPED BLASHEED ME OFF THE SLED I HITA ROCK REALLY HARD! IT WAS LIKE A MONTH AGO AND I STILL HAVE A BRUOS WELLANY WAYSi went back to get my team we ran the corse agian it was okay but then we got off trackso i turnd them around then we revers that part so i throw my snow hook in and i go up to my lead dogs and then the took off AND PULLED THE HOOK OUT ! THATS ALWYS BAD WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!><<><>< I SWEAR EVERY SINGLE ONE HAD TO RUN OVER ME THEY DID I 4GOT THAT THE SLED WAS BEHIND THEN I STOOD UP THEN BAM! THE SLED HIT ME AND THE SNOW HOOK DRUG ACROSS MY BACK NOT WITH THE POINT SIDE WELL 5MINIETS L8TER I WAS HOME AND THE DOGS CAME BACK TRUE STORE P.S PEACE BE THE JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

getcha head in the game!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!!!

if ur on the line you dont have time to act like model if ur about to do the iditarod your head has to be in the game!!!!

this is how you relax before a race.....

look a puppie!

this dog nekt to me is wells you know like wells fargo ha ha ha.

Dont u get it that is funny thats a knee spanker!!!

well i dont know about you but i find that picture funny.

I'am getting a knew dog his name is Silo he is a cute puppie!...!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the press

It was a normal day and then my mom said that the news paper people were going to interview
me and take some pictures of me. They were going to write a story about me as well because this will be my first sled dog race.
When the reporters came to our house, the vet was there, too. My dogs were geting their shots and I was
going for my last practice run for the race. I was asked questions by the reporter and the guy taking pictures for the newspaper rode on the snowmobile with my dad while I drove the dog team.

My mom was with the vet and the dogs helping the vet examine dogs.
We had a lot going on at the same time.
After the reporters and vet left, I got to chop big hunks of meat for dog snacks.
It was a very busy evening.

My race is on Friday.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

my races!

Welcome~ i have a race next Friday ! This is a picture of Jan. this picture was me looking at my neighbors dog running at us! And me looking at him! well i had my first race and guess what i got 3rd place on my 1st race =] its so fun to get to the starting linr and look down the shoot. i have another race comeing up Feb 8th\9th

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My brother, his girlfriend, Nora, and her little baby Sheldon

the baby is Sheldon
the girl is Nora and last but not least my cool guy is sheldon ha ha ha he is cool but the tall cool guy is scott

my dogs,cat and I

the cat is my brothers we named him Irish becaus the Irish are luckey and this cat was luckey becaus my brother found him on the streets and well on the side walk and he had no home and brought him home and we named him Irish!

first off my dog Patty Melt's favorite toy is the snowmobile! And that's one of my favorite toys to!!!!!!!!!!

bad pratic day -.-

ok today it is 8:02 and today about 4:00 pm we thought we would pratice and we were to try 7 dogs and we put 1 beginner on. then first my dad took off and he tipped the sled and then the dogs kept going and going and going until i came up with the snowmobile and picked him up and we took off after the dogs and of course we stopped them but my dad told me to get on the sled. then i started going it was all fine then the dogs whip -blashd me off the sled! but i was still hanging on and finely got them to stop. So we got them going again then the beginner dog just fell and was dranging on the ground for a few seconds. then we stopped to let her off the gang line and let her loose. i drove the team home and when we got home, i went back by snowmobile with my dad. then we got the dog and of course -.- i had to walk her home but i offered to walk her home so i did not care. so i started to walk her home and i wanted to take a short cut right? well i did. we went into the short cut and the short cut is one huge hill going down then one big hill going up*of course sharp turns* so we got home and then my dad wanted to take the team out again. so we did my dad took them out and it was all fine. i got on the snowmobile and my mom got on. then my mom yeld *stop!* i looked and here comes a team with no musher ! and they went straight into the garage! then we had to put them away for the night and then we were going to start working on this and now here i am typing to you! and all of you! it is now 8:17 and now i think I'm pretty much done with this one ! thanks for reading!!! NO DOGS OR HUMANS WERE HURT IN THIS ADVENTURE.

My Bro Scott

Scott is my brother and he lives in Colorado.

Scott is my big brother as we know there are all lot of Scott but this Scott means all lot to my family he might not have a long story but people should really look up to him he has good advise!

Tony and Melissa

My sister's name is Melissa. Melissa married Tony. Now I have a BROTHER IN LAW.

Here is what you should know about Melissa: my sister is older then my brother. she lives some whare bye minnealpis and she rases 3 klee kai with her husband tony.

Here is what you should know about Tony: tony is one mean drummer man ha ha ha! i lied he is not mean at all he is veary nice he is an awsome drummer ther band name is Junebug accept they had to change there name i will let u know wat there new name will be when they figure it out! small klee kai 's are like the dog under Ringo thats about as big as they can get! tony is awsome he is funny he is cool he is soo cool im just happy he is my brother in law tony if ur readeing this hello m8!

To meet their Klee Kai visit

Belay the Sled Dog

Belay is a sled dog. She is retired and lives in our garage with sled dog Barry.Belay is and old dog but she has alot of tricks up her sleeve!

My Dog Ringo

Ringo is a Klee Kai and he belongs to me.

he looks small but he can do big things. when he goes out side hes little paw get soo cold and then he will cry. <(-.-)>

My Trip to Tennessee with Grandpa and my Dad

Wow did we have a great adventure.

I Will Iditarod

look at thes silly puppies!!!!!!!!

Someday I will DO Iditarod. i will do the Iditarod~! meet my team! i have funny dogs and one of my favorite is Ziggy